Design in Gastronomy

Corsi Estivi - Madrid

The Design in Gastronomy Summer Course is taught in english and it is divided into two blocks: the first one lasts 2 weeks, from July 10th to July 21st. Last block, from July 24th to July 28th will include a trip to the spanish region La Rioja, famous for its wine.

Aim: the course is devised so that anyone linked to the world of design and/or gastronomy can acquire the basic knowledge to understand the relationship between them and move more comfortably and professionally between the two. 

From the interior design of a restaurant to the label on a bottle of wine or a tin of preserves, as well as tableware, the presentation of a recipe blog or the uniform worn by waiting staff. Anything encompassed by the vast term of gastronomy is included in the wide-ranging approach of design.

Image credits: López de Heredia Boutique designed by Zaha Hadid



  • Partenza
    Luglio 2018
  • Durata
    3 settimane
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This area of study and work is as wide as the professional opportunities it offers. In a short period of time, the Design in Gastronomy Summer Course aims to:

• Provide a view of the issues linked to these two fields: gastronomy and design.
• Provide a theoretical-practical introduction to the general knowledge on the relationship between gastronomy and design, from the perspective of debate, dialogue and the exhibition of a range of views.
• To learn, through lessons, lectures, examples and the viewing of audiovisual and graphic material, how to identify trends, point out their protagonists and master the keys of good design.
• To carry out visits to prestigious restaurants to enjoy master lessons on design applications by the chefs.
All of this will help students create a comprehensive final project featuring all the branches of design applied to gastronomy.

The professional opportunities offered by this course are very wide, ranging from:
• Generating new ideas for an entrepreneur or businessperson.
• Providing new knowledge to journalists and communication professionals.
•Acquiring greater knowledge of the field of public relations.